Seulawah Coffee

Seulawah Coffee carries the theme of traditional coffee houses. The price offered at Seulawah Coffee is quite affordable, but the coffee taste is still high quality. If you hang out, there is a budget of around Rp. 75,000 for two people. The coffee was made from Aceh coffee, according to its name, "Seulawah" which was … Continue reading Seulawah Coffee

Ombé Kofie

This coffee shop is not too big, but Ombé Kofie makes you feel homey, because there are a lot of instagenic accessories and decorations, sofas and Wi-Fi. That is why Ombé Kofie is always crowded and crowded with visitors. The uniqueness of the coffee shop located in Pluit is that you can set your own … Continue reading Ombé Kofie

Woot Coffee and Mates

The word woot is taken from the trendy slang language in the western hemisphere which expresses joy. This coffee shop carries the concept of coffee & mates because it wants to introduce coffee partners, namely sweet martabak from the Boss Martabak. The interior is dominated by gray and yellow which is the signature of Woot … Continue reading Woot Coffee and Mates


Ninotchka is one of the famous coffee shops in Citra Garden 6, Cengkareng. Moreover, the owner is a famous fashion blogger, Sonia Eryka. The uniqueness of Ninotcha is that it can mix funny coffee with various funny shapes from foam, especially cats. It's not just funny, but the coffee taste is good too! Besides coffee, … Continue reading Ninotchka

Pigeonhole Coffee

The rooms in Pigeonhole Coffee are dominated by white and natural colored furniture, such as light brown, so as to create clean photos of today's style. So, this coffee shop is so best-selling among young people, especially the outdoor room that is not to be missed for photographs. The indoor area is also quiet, cozy, … Continue reading Pigeonhole Coffee

Kopi Manyar

Manyar coffee is a place for coffee for kids hanging out in Bintaro. This coffee shop may look simple because there are more white accents, but it looks high art. Because, from the outside alone, the architecture is made of terraced wooden lattice. In the central part of Manyar Coffee there is a small garden … Continue reading Kopi Manyar

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee is a famous coffee shop in the United States that officially opened its 12th store in the Senopati area, South Jakarta. The mainstay coffee menu at Caribou Coffee is espresso from North Sumatra coffee, as well as espresso-based classic drinks, such as mocha, cappucino, and latte. Besides that, there are still campfire mocha, … Continue reading Caribou Coffee

Kickass Coffee

So I known this coffee shop from a friend of mine, he works there, and one time he ask me to go there. Well as a reviewer of a coffee place I decided to go there and review it. The first thing on my mind when I arrived there was, "Wow, well this is quite … Continue reading Kickass Coffee

Kopi Nalar

Last weekend I visited this coffee shop with a few friends of mine, turns out it looks better than I expected to be from the review of the customers. I had a great experience and everything, the baristas also seems like a cool looking people, they are very chill to be honest, which to me … Continue reading Kopi Nalar