Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Although the place is not too wide, but the atmosphere is really comfortable and makes you feel at home. The area is divided into two, outdoor and indoor. The outside, filled with various kinds of games. The inside is filled with soft sofas and various magazines. This coffee shop has non smoking area for outdoor or indoor. If you want to hang out with friends, it’s better to sit in the outdoor area. Because, the place is wider, so it makes the atmosphere more comfortable. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy coffee alone, choose it in a chair with indoor windows.

Giyanti Coffee sells coffee with coffee beans from Indonesia such as Padang, Toraja and Flores. Just choose what type of coffee you want and what you want to make. Some choices include Toraja espresso, Toraja latte, Flores piccolo, Padang latte, and others.

Address: Surabaya street no.20, Menteng

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