Kickass Coffee

So I known this coffee shop from a friend of mine, he works there, and one time he ask me to go there. Well as a reviewer of a coffee place I decided to go there and review it. The first thing on my mind when I arrived there was, “Wow, well this is quite cozy”. The place is in BSD near Aeon Mall, I thought the place was quite small, but it is good that way because its cozy as it is.

One thing that I like about this place is that they serve ICE CREAM. They have different kinds of Ice Cream flavours like, Regal, Matcha, Cookies and Cream, Lemon, etc. That’s like the wow factor there, a coffee shop that sell desert such as ice cream. Personally, I think the Ice cream taste great, the flavour’s rich and the texture is nice, if you want to check it, its near BSD guys.

You can get the coffee in a reasonable price, but then again they taste like coffee and you can’t go wrong with coffee. The baristas there are pretty cool guys too, they fun to talk to and they can share everything that they wanted.

Great spot for hanging out, great for chilling, ngerokok, kerja kelompok, family time, meeting, all kinds of activities. It usually crowded in the weekend like I can see why the place can get quite popular. They have a great concept for a coffee shop already which is selling ice cream, and they taste great too, so you can’t go wrong with that.

So yeah that’s it for my review, here’s the picture from Kickass…kick ass ice creamKickass-Cafe_BSD-12ice cream kick asskick asskickin ass

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