Kopi Nalar

Last weekend I visited this coffee shop with a few friends of mine, turns out it looks better than I expected to be from the review of the customers. I had a great experience and everything, the baristas also seems like a cool looking people, they are very chill to be honest, which to me is even better than the formal baristas from any other coffee shops.

How about the coffee?

Well like any other coffee in a cafe, it taste…..like……coffee HAHAHAHAHA. I wouldn’t say it has a unique taste to it, or it is more special than any other coffee, it does taste good especially their Creme Brule, they said that it is their most popular one. But overall, it still taste like a cup of coffee guys, hahahaha.

To me what they are selling is not the coffee or the food there, but it is the place/spot that they are selling. The place is aesthetically beautiful and very good for hanging out with your friends. Apalagi kalo buat orang Jakarta kan suka pada nongkrong tuh, sekalinya duduk udah dah, pw sampe sore. However, not only its good for a hangout place, I saw many businessman, they have a meeting in that place so I think it is very suitable for the professionals too. Also for the youngsters here, yang rumah kacanya di luar, itu instagramable banget, especially for celebgrams yang mau memperindah postingan mereka..hihihihi.

Not only I got to hangout in Kopi Nalar, I also had the chance to meet the owner and coincidently he is my senior in my university. I asked a few things about why he built the cafe and why a cafe to begin with, simply he just said, “I saw the opportunity and found the concept about the cafe, like out of how many cafe in Jakarta yang bisa lesehan, duduk duduk begini? Cuma disini doang kan? Dan itu menurut gua yang penting untuk membuat sebuah cafe di Jakarta, satu, concept; dua, location“.

To me those 2 keys may be simple, but the impact to that keys can make your business successful and I couldn’t agree more with him.

I didn’t have the chance to take many picture in that cafe; because I’m a klutz of course, but these are the few photos that I’ve taken from the cafe


I know its bad, so stap judging about my photo skill 🙂


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